Control Unit: The unit was designed to a IP68 rating. Cable glands and sealing were critical considering the unit has a total of 28 data and RF lines into the product. The design allows for various mounting methods in the vessel. The first run of units was manufactured with prototyping methods and tested successfully both in the IP rating and the in-field tests. I did the Concept Development, Renderings, Industrial Design, Project Management, Client Liaison, and Supplier Liaison on this Project while working at Skeg.

Lantern Unit : The Lantern was designed with the system in mind being able to use the battery of the Beacon and vice versa. The Lantern will function best when hanging high on the boat thus eliminating direct light shining into the users eyes but still lighting up the work area required. Beacon Unit: The unit consists of a floating module, a battery pack and a charger. The product is designed to IP68 rating and needs to trigger and broadcast emergency protocols when in contact with seawater, as in a capsize scenario. The battery powered unit uses low power GPS and RF to fix and broadcast the vessel’s position. A sufficient ground plane was required to maximize the distance of transmission. The result of all the requirements was a product that uses 2 shells, a metal top half and plastic bottom half for flotation and ground plane, a battery at the bottom for stability and lights on top for visibility.

I did this project while working at Skeg.

  • Project Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Concept Design
  • Renderings
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Production Integration and Management