When designing for the African market, the design must be rugged, durable and dust proof. These products achieved all that. The cover of the dispenser doubles as a 3 position foot piece which also fulfills the function of bolting it to a desk whilst still opening and closing. Heat management of the internals was solved through a heat sink in aluminum that also functions as the structural backbone and hinging mechanism of the product. The MP3 player had the same design criteria as the dispenser, being rugged and durable. The control panel of the unit needed to intuitive and easy to use.

The product uses a proprietary connecter mechanism to interface with the docking station as well as other players. The MP3 players have the ability to share and transfer music from unit to unit without the need for cables or wireless methods. Around the perimeter there is an optional rubber sleeve that acts as protection and a winding mechanism for the earphone cable.

I did this project while working at Skeg.

  • Project Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Concept Design
  • Renderings
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Production Integration and Management